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Charles Carl Gegenheimer Family

Descendants of Charles Carl Gegenheimer

                                  Information was received in original written format by
                                  Thomas Charles Gegenheimer.

Great Great Grandfather
1 Charles Carl Gegenheimer 1816-1900
+ Susan Hahn               1818-1903

Great Grandfather (Photo of Charles and Ann Charles Frank Gegenheimer)

  2  Charles Frank Gegenheimer 1856-1935
  +  Ann Klump

Children of Charles Frank Gegenheimer Photo of Great Grandfathers Gegenheimer's Family)

    3  George Gegenheimer (unknown)
    3  Elsie (Moscow) Gegenheimer (second husband John Roberts)
    3  Arta (Charlie Austin) Gegenheimer  Arta's Children

    3  Wesley Jacob Gegenheimer 1882-1933 (Photo of Grandfather Gegenheimer Working)
    +  Aletha Gertrude Tranter 1881-1963) (photo of Thomas Trantor Family)
    3  Herbert Gegenheimer (Emily Paul)
    3  Erma (Sass) Gegenheimer

Brother to Charles Frank Gegenheimer 

  2  Carl Gegenheimer

Children of Carl Gegenheimer

    3  Carl Gegenheimer

Children of Wesley Jacob Gegenheimer Photo of Wesley Jacob Gegenheimer and wife)

         4  Burdette George Gegenheimer B: 12/16/1910
         4  Thomas Charles Gegenheimer B:1/6/1911 D:1986
        +  Martha Hossman (photo Thomas C and Martha's wedding day)

Children of Elsie Gegenheimer

        4  Charles Moscow
        4  Clarice Moscow
        4  Marylin Moscow
        4  Susan Roberts
        4  Wave Roberts
        4  Lee Roberts

Children of Arta Gegenheimer

        4  Clyde Austin   __    D:Dec 19, 1996
        4  Irene Austin
        4  Wayne Austin
        4  Inez Austin
        4  Audrey Austin
        4  Betty Austin
        4  Vaughn Austin

Children of Erma Gegenheimer (married Sass)

        4  Keith Sass
        4  Gail Sass
        4  Arla Sass

Children of Herbert Gegenheimer 

       4  Paul Gegenheimer
       4  George Gegenheimer
       4  Darlene Gegenheimer  (Married Gingrich)

Children of Burdette George Gegenheimer

          5  Richard Gegenheimer
          5  Patricia (Thompson) Gegenheimer
          5  Beverly (McFadden) Gegenheimer
          5  Judith (Chavez) Gegenheimer

Children of Thomas Charles Gegenheimer
 (photo as children Mothers Favorite Picture)

          5  Thomas Lee Gegenheimer
          +  Janice R Kooiker)

          5  Nancy Joan Gegenheimer
          +  Thomas P House

Children of Thomas P. House

            6  Christofer Todd House
            +  Candy (name not known)
               7  Boy Name not known 
            6  Michele Mimi House

Children of Thomas L. Gegenheimer

           6  Kristen Lynn Gegenheimer  November 22, 1984

Children of Clyde Austin

       5  Kenneth Austin (Pam)

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