Gegenheimer and Related Photos



Wesley Jacob Gegenheimer and wife

Wesley Jacob, Grand Father Gegenheimer and Aletha
parents of Thomas Charles Gegenheimer

Another photo taken on the farm includes my Grandmother
and Grandfather Wesley Jacob Gegenheimer on the right.
Maybe someone out there can help me with the names of
the two folks on the left. There is nothing that beats good
Iowa cooking.

The story has been told that three brothers came to the USA
in the early 1800s. One settled in Indiana, another in Louisiana,
the the other in Iowa. Charles Frank father and my great great
grandfather (Charles Carl Gegenheimer) helped start the
The Iowa clan. He farmed for many years near Oxford Iowa.
Relatives still own some of the land near Oxford, where there
is a Gegenheimer Road.

Charles Frank's son and my Grandfather Wesley Jacob
Gegenheimer drilled water wells until an accident in the
late 1920s. He died during the depression.

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