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Lesser Known Facts About Gegenheimer
1 Bracelet Found Erie Elizabeth Bobo  New
2 Roberto Gegenheimer
3 1925 Johnson County Iowa Census Index (abrevicated)
4 Johnson Country Minutes April 11
5 Updates from Al Gegenheimer
6 Seeking Information on Katherine Susanna Gegenheimer  New
7 Vonni seeks information on F. Gegenheimer                     New
8 Alvin F. Gegenheimer
9 Descendant of Emily Carolyn Gegenheimer Freggens
10 Descendants of Emily Carolyn Gegenheimer
11 Descendants of Jacob Kepford
12 Harold W. Gegenheimer
13 Charles Carl Gegenheimer Family
14 Frederick Gegenheimer Info
15 North Carolina (Brian) Gegenheimers
16 Gegenheimer's in Ittersbach
17 Kati Asks What Does the Name Mean?
18 August Gegenheimer
19 George Gegenheimer
20 Johann Jacob Gegenheimer
21 Grandfather Frederick Info
22 Info on Adam and Elizabeth Beltz
23 Info from Frank Gegenheimer, Germany
24 Jacob Gegenheimer
25 Jacques, August, Carl, Phillip, & John
26 Lesser Known Facts about Gegenheimer
27 Jacob's Log Cabin 
28 Open Letter to German Speaking People
29 Sehr geehrter Herr Gegenheimer
30 Wilhelm of Wiesbaden, Bavaria
31 Names of those who Move to America
32 Kati_Answers
33 Thelma Gahimer
34 Legend of Gegenheimer (version 3)
40 Email from Michael Wald

Other Notes of Interest

  From time to time we receive letters from relatives and friends knowing about our family. Please share your knowledge with the present and future.

TL Gegenheimer

32 Pam Austin
33 MARKUS GEGENHEIMER (via Fred Gahimer )
35 Open letter to Gegenheimer's in Germany
36 Contribulators to the Site
37 Notes on the Civil War by AP Huffman
38 Seeking Information on Adam Beltz
39 Note from Linda Robin
40 Note from Frank Reeder
42 What I said to Markus and Alberta
43 Note from Pat Lux
44 Gegenheimers in Brazil 
45 Notes from Barry Gidman
46 Letter from Thelma L. Gahimer   11/03/2006
47 Letter from Heidi Gegenheimer
48 Email from James Rafe Gegenheimer
49 Email from Paul Pruess


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