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Descendants of Emily Carolyn Gegenheimer


My name is Gail Brandt, descendant of Emily Carolyn Gegenheimer Freggens. I found your web site and found it very interesting. You have obviously put a lot of work into it.. Our family is descended from Wilhelm Gegenheimer and his wife Anna ( or Justina) Huber. They were married in Baden-Baden around 1885 and immigrated to northern New Jersey. The family story is that he was the youngest of six brothers, who were all conscripted into the army and his mother helped him raise the money to come to America to keep him out of the war. He had a son Karl in 1888, daughter Anna 1992, daughter Justina and daughter Emily.

If you have any leads to our side of the family tree please let me know.

I am currently living in Baltimore,Md and still have some relatives in N. J. My father is attempting to reach his cousins for more information. My grandmother Emily had two children, Florence and Robert. Robert
is my father and he had four daughters; Gail, Debra. Barbara and Joan.

Florence had two children, Marilyn and Ronald. My Aunt Anna was single until she passed away at 100. Aunt Justina had several children, most of whom are still in N.J. and I will try to get in touch with them.

 Keep in touch.


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