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My name is Ruediger Gegenheimer and I'm very happy to find your homepage in the internet. I'm also interested in genealogy an so maybe I can give you some information about the "gegs".

I'm living in Ittersbach, that's a village in the southwest of Germany between Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden. I found out, that round about 100 "Gegenheimer" families living in Germany (source: the German phonebook), 48 of them in Ittersbach, 10 of them less then 20 miles from Ittersbach and the others are spread over Germany.

The legend says, that the Gegenheimer families are originally Hungarian gypsies which came in the 13th to 15th century over to Germany and settled down in Ittersbach. This theory is supported if you look at the skin and the hair of the old Gegenheimers in Itterbach. They are all black haired, black bearded and they have all dark skin.

Since now I looked only at my family and I know my ancestors to the beginning of the 18th century. Now I will look at the information of your web-pages and check if I can link our families together.


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