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Kati.  An Answer to your Question.

  • Gegen means "against", that's right, of course.

  • Heim doesn't mean just "house", but "own house", better "home" in the meaning of "home sweet home".

However, you shouldn't translate German names word by word or letter by letter, but look at the origin of the name. German names usually originate from:


a).  Professions (e.g. Müller, Meier, Schmidt)

b). Countries or towns the person came from (e.g.  Schwab, Hesse, Bayer, Ulmer)

c).  Attributes (e.g. Klein, Gross, Weiss, Braun, Schwarz, Kraus)

d)Names (e.g. Dietrich, Ernst,  Junghans)

e)Foreign (mostly Slavic) names (e.g. Nowotny, Doleschal)

f)Animals (e.g. Löw, Adler, Vogel, Fink)

g)Other sources


After "Gegenheimer" was written "Geckenheimer" in the early years (before 1600), it is supposed the first one called "Geckenheimer" was a person who came from Geckenheim, a little village near Nuremberg. 


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