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August Gegenheimer

Received from Fred Gahimer

Late breaking news!! I finally located the lady who had the records of the other Gegenheimers in Indiana. She is Joann Rees of Hartford City, IN. Her ancestor was August Gegenheimer of Baden-Baden, Germany. Born Nov. 11, 1842. Came to America in 1859.

The interesting part is that Baden-Baden is just a few miles from Freckenfeld where my ancestor came from, but the date he came to America seems to agree more with your ancestor. I suspect they were all related. But her ancestor is probably one of the three brothers mentioned in your history. I believe she told me that he had two brothers and a sister that came over. She is sending me more, and I will pass it on to you. She also heard of another Gegenheimer that has a Home Page on the Web.

She also told me of being in New Orleans and seeing a lot of Gegenheimers in the phone book. She called them and many were blacks who had been slaves and took the names of their master. I don't think the master would be of my branch because Jacob was an only son. Maybe a cousin came over later.


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