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Jacques, August, Carl, Phillip, & John

August Gegenheimer and his FOUR brothers, not three as previously thought, who came to America in 1859 with their mother, and an unusual picture of the four brothers, as well as the exact same picture with an older man INSERTED in the rear center between two brothers. It is thought the older man is their father, who is known to have come over before the family. Looking at the list of Gegenheimers who came to America, it appears that the father was Jacques Gegenheimer, a farmer from Baden, who came to America in the Oct 1853 - May 1855 period alone, at the age of 59.


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Also a picture of August and his wife.

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Brothers August, 16; Carl, 18, Phil. (probably Philip), 21, and their mother, Mere., 58.

According to Joann, the mother was named Margaret.

That leaves the last brother. Listed immediately after the mother and three sons in the Gegenheimers to America lists are a Jo.(John), 23; and Phillip, 22; both from Baden. I suspect John is the fourth brother, and that Philipp is a cousin. The two came over in the same time frame, Nov 1857 - Jul 1859, as the mother and three brothers. Also, a sister stayed in Germany and was never seen in person again. I think I may clear this up as soon as I can get to the library to check the census in Darke County, OH for 1860/70.

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