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Jacob's Log Cabin

Hi, I just found the Gegenheimer site and I am delighted to find more history on the family. I am new on the computer age, and I am having so much fun.

I am Pat Lux, we are the family living in the log home Jacob built in 1835. I see the article from the Shelbyville News is included in the history. I was so surprised. I had some history of the family for there are still descendants living in the area. I am pleased to be learning more from your site.

If only these ole logs could talk. I know you will probably think we are crazy but we have friendly spirts in the house. There are two families that come and go. One is William and his children. We have seen a young boy in old clothing about the age of 10 or 12. A little girl in old clothing with a apron and bonnet on about the age of 5 or 6. We have had so many unusual happenings though the years, all friendly and some strange.

We had a psychic out several years ago and she told us there are two families and a lot of children coming and going. She knew the room they come and go in without us evening telling her. We did not tell her anything and she "hit all the things we already knew" She said "they just like coming home." She told us several things about several family members that had lived here. As soon as she got out of her car she pointed to an upstairs window and said" I want to go to that room, William and one of his children are at the window." That is the room we knew they stayed, came and went from the house. If we didn't live here and know there are their spirts here, we would never believe it.

Since we did the house we tore the log barn down that was built in 1834 and used those logs for a three car garage. The house and garage are so neat and the history in these old logs would be priceless if they could only talk.

If I could figure out how to use my scanner I would send pictures of the house and garage.

There is only one solid log the entire length of the house which is 40 foot, the rest of the logs were spliced in. Can you imagine how they cut and raised the logs? What a job.

From the Shelbyville News article there was an error in the children's names. Our son Jeff's last name is Slaton, and our son Kyle last name in Lux. The paper had these two names reversed.

If any of the Gegenheimer (Gahimer) family is ever in the IN. area and would like to see the log home Jacob built we would be happy to show you.

I am enjoying your site and so happy I found it.

Pat Lux

Photos of Jacob's Cabin

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