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Hello Tom,

This is what I said to Markus and Alberta:

Markus - I replied to Alberta that you were very busy working your way
through the years of data, and that it is slow going. I told her that you
probably would prefer to not attempt to find her ancestor now, but do it
when you got to that time period. I said the final decision would be yours.
If you don't reply, she will assume you are going to wait.

In the meantime I suggested that she join the Baden / Wurttemberg mail list on
the internet and learn from the people on the list. I have found it very
helpful. I suggested she look for a document German emmigrants were
required to have in order to emmigrate to America because it contains
valuable information about the immigrant as well as (I believe) information
on the ship, it's destination and date of sailing.

Markus is back to full speed on the data, but each generation poses more
Gegs, which is increasing his work exponentially, so it is going slower and
slower. He has another man helping, but Markus worries that he might not be
as thorough as he. The last word from Markus was that he would not help her
now because of the probability of being unable to identify him, especially
since she doesn't even know his birth date.



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