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Internet Note Received: Wed, 31 Dec 97

My name is Barry Gidman and I am related to:
                 Philip Gegenheimer            (3/22 - 11/12/75)
 ... via his son William Gegenheimer             (8/66 - 5/3/34)
 ... via his son Henry Frederick Gegenheimer (11/25/91 - 3/5/60)
 ... via his daughter Rita Mae Gegenheimer   (9/27/20 - present),
                               who is my mother and for some additional
                               trivia, was the Miss New Orleans of 1937.

Anyway, I have never been able to trace the Geg Clan prior to Philip or even to learn how he came about to show up in Gretna, Louisiana. I did, though, find a note somewhere quite a while ago, that showed a Philip Gegenheimer arriving in Philadelphia in 1951. Perhaps you can somehow check it out.

I just came back from a Christmas party in Mandeville, Louisiana where I showed Geg descendents some of your web page material. They enjoyed it and wanted xerox copies from me.

Thanks Tom.


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