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I am Markus Gegenheimer of Ittersbach, a town about 10 miles southeast of Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. I am compiling all of the old family records of the inhabitants of Ittersbach beginning with the first entry of 1569. I try to read all entries, "translate" them into modern script, and evaluate the data. I'm happy about every time the priests have written down profession, nickname, or the origin of the people. Very rarely, they noted some anecdotes - really a "fateful hour" for a researcher, when they did so. I write them down too, and sometimes I'm telling such little "short stories" from the "good old times," when I'm asked. They have been published twice on the "home club" (Heimatverein) page of our local news.

Some words about my family and me: I'm 28 years old and still living with my parents, Gerhard and Gisela, and brother Jochen, 24. In a picture of them you can probably recognize the confirmation of the theory of the Hungarian gypsies with dark skin, hair, and beards mentioned by Ruediger Gegenheimer. Even though Ruediger is also from Ittersbach, I've never heard about this legend before - but I believe it. Not all of Ittersbach's Gegenheimers are dark-skinned, but my direct ancestors that I can remember, grandfather Heinrich and his father Karl, looked like that. And when we were children, we were called "the black ones."

My hobbies are all kind of sports (soccer, table tennis and many others), and puzzling. Four years ago I read an advertisement in a cross word puzzle magazine: "Do you want to become Puzzle World Champion?" I applied for the documents, got them, filled them out, sent them back, and was invited (with 19 others) to the German Championship which I won and qualified (with 3 other Germans) for the World Championship in Cologne, Germany, where I got the fifth place. The following years it was the same: I qualified for Romania, the Netherlands, and this year [1997] Croatia. But it's a real outsider event and you can't become famous. If you want to see my photo, please look on the internet at: and click to the competitors of the German Championship.

On December 31, 1995 a member of our local table tennis club celebrated his 60th birthday. I was invited and one of the talking themes was this puzzling competition. A member of the home club (Heimatverein) asked me if I would be able to decipher old scripts, because there are not many people these days to do so. I answered, "I'll try." And this was the beginning of my genealogical research in Ittersbach.

Through my correspondence with an American, Fred Gahimer (whose immigrant ancestors shortened their surname from Gegenheimer to Gahimer), I have learned of the Gegenheimer Family Tree web site on the internet provided by Tom Gegenheimer. Consequently, I am providing data on the Gegenheimers I find in my research to the web site via Fred Gahimer, who has access to the internet. I will continue to provide data as I find it and will send it to Fred in Microsoft Excel 5.0. He will then input the data into his genealogy program and send the resulting outline descendant tree to the Gegenheimer web site.

Markus Gegenheimer
Untere Grabenacker 14
76307 Karlsbad Ittersbach


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