The Gegenheimer History

The Gegenheimer Family Tree

This section contains information on other Gegenheimers received from readers of this home page or which were located as the result of electronic searches on the world wide web.

We and our readers extend special thanks to all who have contributed. In sharing our history we will all grow from the wisdom of our past, the successes of this generation, which will yield even bigger achievements by future generations. While the technological marvels are condensing the world of our time, many of our roots have already become lost in the soils of the world. It is clear our family came from simple beginnings, but let us also recognize the accomplishments and honors achieved of their descendants. The courage, ambition, and bravery our elders have clearly been inherited by their children.

All readers with history of our family are asked and encouraged to share any additional records with this home page dedicated to our ancestors.

The Gegenheimer Tree

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1540? Catharine &
        Jacob Gegenheimer 

16?? Antonius ---- Antonius Geckenheimer

1613  Johannes Geckenheimer

1622 Jacob Geckenheimer

1707-1749 Michael Gegenheimer

1760 Johann George Gegenheimer 

1775 John George Gegenheimer

1779 - 1845 Michael Gegenheimer

1785 - 1999 John Shur 


1800 - 2000 Jacob Beltz

1801  John Jacob Gegenheimer

1804 Johann Jacob and Maria (DePrez) Gegenheimer

1811 Mathais Gegenheimer

1811 Mathais Gegenheimer

1811 Margaret Wicker

1810 - 2000 Barbara Gegenheimer

1813 Johann George Gegenheimer

1816-1998  Charles Carl Gegenheimer

1819 Jacob Kepford

1819 Jacob Kepford

1818 - 1995  Phillip Gegenheimer

1822 Philip Gegenheimer

1823 Jacob Gegenheimer

1833 August Gegenheimer

1840 Katherine Susanna Gegenheimer

1850 Jacques, August, Carl, Phillip, & John

1866 Louise Gegenheimer

1900 - 1996 Claude Gegenheimer

1919 Arta's Gegenheimer's Children  

1914 Thomas Charles Gegenheimer

1902 Irma Annette Gegenheimer

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