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The Gegenheimer Crest


Welcome to the Gegenheimer Genealogy Home Page. We would like to share with you information about our roots, our family history, and other information received from around this small world.  Its done for fun and to help share the past with the future. We hope you enjoy your visit.

gegenheimer crest

Geschlecht Gegenheimer

Geschlecht refers to the ancestry or family tree with the name of Gegenheimer.

The Gegenheimer Family originated in Wuerttemberg and appeared for the first time around the year 1000. Bemhard Gegenheimer approximately in the year 1120, Markward von Geckingen approximately in the year 1200.

Geckingen, Geggingen, Gegingen and Gegeheim were the original ancestors of this family from which the later Gegenheimer derived, all from the same family tree.

Crest in silver with red spur. Helmet with red and white embellishment topped with peacock tail. Cover red and silver Family Crest is listed in the book of Crests by Siebmacher.

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